A waterproofing system engineered to endure

Teranap's smooth bituminous geomembranes (BGMs) are a reliable waterproofing system engineered to endure for decades under tough conditions. Teranap has unique mechanical properties that overcome the problems that cause other lining systems to fail, such as stress cracking, tearing and puncturing.

Teranap uses a modified form of bitumen with a high level of chemical resistance and useable temperature range, while keeping its natural waterproofing qualities.

Since its introduction in Australia in 2010, Teranap's smooth BGMs have been chosen to provide environmental protection in a range of demanding projects, from protecting drinking water, canals used for mine-water management, waste water storage and drought proofing in farm dams. 

Who is this website for?

This website is for professionals considering a Teranap smooth BGM for their project.

It is for asset managers, engineers, designers, project managers, mining and environmental professionals wanting to make an informed assessment of the suitability of Teranap.

The information presented provides a quantitative analysis of the use of Teranap and its characteristics so that a comparison can be made to other waterproofing alternatives such as , HDPE, PVC, GCLs sor EPDM as well as the non-smooth and irregualr BGMs made by other manufacturers. 



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