Case studies

BGM Case Study - Tailings Dam - Tasmania, Australia. The Rosebery mine mainly produces lead, zinc, and copper, as well as gold and silver, and has been operating continually for 82 years. The scope was to increase capacity and dam safety, along with extending the life of the old tailings dam.

BGM Case Study - Morwell_Drain_Rehab_Australia.pdf. The Morwell Main Drain (MMD) in Australia was constructed in the 1950’s and part of it was re-aligned in the 1970’s. The drain collects run-off from parts of Morwell and industrial areas north-east of the mine, including the Princes Freeway and a small amount of run-off from the Hazelwood Mine.

BGM Case Study - Sewage Treatment Lagoon , Ghardaia Algeria. Waterproofing 600,000 m2 of a sewage treatment lagoon was required in a hot, arid and windy climate. Teranap BGM provided the perfect waterproofing solution.

BGM Case Study - Casper Alcova Irrigation District (CAID) , Wyoming USA. In 1991, as part of the Deschutes Canal Lining Demonstration Project, conducted by the USBR; 200,000m2 of earthern canals were lined with the Teranap BGM. The installation was revisited after 10yrs in service, the results are amazing and continue to exceed all expectations.

BGM Case Study -El Halassa , Morocco Phosphate mine wash plant in Morocco EI Halassa_Morocco.pdf. The OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates) is one of the leading worldwide exporters of rock phosphate, phosphoric acid, and phosphate fertilizers.

BGM Case Study -Antamina_tailings_dam_Peru.pdf. The Antamina is located 4,200 metres above sea level in the Andes Mountains, 270km northeast of Lima. This site is one of the largest copper-zinc-molybdenum mines in the world, and has an important source of income for Peru.

BGM Case Study - Cerro Negro mine in Argentina.  Canadian gold producer Goldcorp is one of the world's largest mining companies, operating in Argentina through its subsidiary Oroplata with the approval of Argentine government. This quarry of more than 215 square kilometres is located in Patagonia, in southern Argentina.

BGM Case Study - Kilttila Gold Mine, Finland. The Kittila mine is located in the Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland which is 150 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Agnico Eagle operates the mine and estimates that approximately 3.3 million tons of ore is extractable from surface mining and 22.6 million tons by underground mining.