Detailing and maintenance

One of the main benefits of using a Teranap BGM system is the ease with which details can be constructed and maintenance can be performed.  As the Teranap BGM is very flexible, it easily adapts to any type of support, whatever the form - even bonding directly to rock faces.

The support is first impregnated with bituminous primer.  Once heat is applied the Teranap BGM’s excellent adhesion to its support creates a reliable and durable waterproofing connection.

Maintenance is performed by cutting a piece of Teranap large enough to cover the affected area plus an additional 150mm all around the affected area.  A torch attached to a gas bottle is used to generate heat on both the surface and the under layer of the patch.  The patch is placed in position and a hand trowel is used to fully bond the patch to the membrane below.

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