Teranap is inert and stable

Bitumen is a natural product that has been sitting inertly in crude oil deposits for millions of years.

Once the crude oil is extracted and distilled, a stable and inert residue remains. This is bitumen - a natural and inherently stable product resistant to both weathering and oxidation.

This natural bitumen is then modified to increase its usable temperature range.  The modified bitumen has outstanding UV resistance, removing the need to use anti-oxidants, plasticizers and stabilizers such as those used in HDPE and PVC.

As the geotextile core of the Teranap geomembrane is completely saturated with SBS modified bitumen and a sacrificial top and bottom layer is added, the geotextile layer is completely protected from UV, oxidation, hydrolysis, chemical and other biological processes, for a long time. This is the secret to the outstandingly long service life of Teranap BGMs.

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