The importance of Teranap's quality

Siplast invented bituminous geomembranes and have more than 40 years experience in their manufacture and deployment. Through constant research and development Siplast ensures that Teranap has the highest level of quality and consistency. That is why they are the only manufacturer that can produce a smooth BGM.

Consistency is an essential factor in ensuring the seams are watertight in any critical containment application. The quality of Teranap's material selection, manufacturing and quality control processes all combine to produce a smooth BGM which is uniform in thickness and surface texture.

If the BGM has an uneven surface there will be issues with the quality, consistency and therefore performance of the system.  

BGM installers face difficulties in trying to create a watertight seal between two inconsistent surfaces. In particular, an uneven and inconsistent surface increases the risk of capillaries forming, and large corrugations on the surface make it difficult to visually identify and patch any wrinkles.

This is compounded by the problem of detecting capillaries and inconsistencies during the quality control process.  If the surface of the the BGM is corrugated, inconsistent and non-smooth then:

  • Destructive strength testing will not be relevant as it does not relate to water tightness
  • Air lance testing will not work properly as it requires smooth, flexible and consistent membranes 
  • Vacuum box testing does not work over irregular surfaces


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