Teranap is resistant to tearing

Teranap is homogeneously reinforced. This gives it unmatched tear resistance, both for initial installation and long term use.

This makes Teranap the optimal lining solution for applications involving shear stresses from flowing water such as canals, channels, dam outlets and drainage swales.

Teranap 331 can withstand 500N of tear force compared to just 250N for 2.0mm HDPE and 66N for most grades of EPDM. 


showing severe Tear Damage 2mm textured HDPE after 6½ years service


EPDM showing severe Tear Damage 14mm EPDM less than 8 years service


Hypalon suffers severe Tear Damage 0.9mm Hypalon + geotextile 7 years old