Teranap is water tight around seams, details, welds, penetrations and anchors

The natural adhesive qualities of a Teranap smooth BGM means the membrane will stick and seal itself when heat is applied and remain watertight.

Seam widths can be varied from 150mm up to 500mm with the area of "bond" covering the full width of the seam. Teranap can easily be adhered to concrete or other surfaces.

Because Teranap remains flexible they never crack, providing unmatched water-tightness over the life of the structure.

Teranap installed in 1991 is still providing 100% seepage reduction, 20 years later (according to feedback from Casper Alcova Irrigation District, 2011.)

Below is a typical photo of a concrete canal. It has lost its water-tightness many years ago. When you add up the high capital expenditure, loss of water and the expense of reinstating this canal, the cost is enormous and simply not worth it.


Concrete canals are prone to cracking

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