Why should I choose Teranap for my project?

Many projects continue to use lining systems known to have high failure rates from stress cracking, tearing and puncturing. Teranap smooth BGMs should be considered by anyone with a project that needs a system that can endure the hard climatic conditions in Australia, or for whom the risk of a high rate of failure is not an option.

Teranap provides environmental protection in critical applications across thousands of kilometres of infrastructure in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. With a design life of more than a hundred years, Teranap has been chosen for extreme applications such as containing atomic waste (with a half life of 300 years), through to less critical uses such as decorative water features.

Teranap smooth BGMs meet the toughest environmental protection criteria, exceeding the requirements of the NSW Environment Protection Authority. In 2013, they were accepted as an exposed primary leachate containment layer within the Sydney Water catchment area.

The reliability of the Teranap smooth BGMs gives engineers and designers the confidence that once correctly installed and tested, it will not fail in their lifetime.

Maintenance may be required if the lining system is impacted by an external influence.  However if a tear or puncture does occur it can be easily repaired, usually by a single person and without the need for any specialist materials, equipment or training.

The long design life of Teranap contrasts sharply with the expected life of plastic membranes which are still to this day, prone to environmental and oxidative stress cracking as well as puncturing and tearing.

The video below contains testimonials from the staff at the Alta Irrigation District, 10 years after the installation of Teranap (starts at about 2:02)

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